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Flex-Bay (5.25 bay) Accessories

        Almost every case on the market today has a fixed structure at the front of the case - maybe four or five 5.25" bays on top, a 3.5" bay below that and a HDD cage below that. What if that layout doesn't work for you? What the Flex-Bay System allows you to do is create your own personal layout for the front of the case.

        The Flex-Bay area is located in the front of the case, and consists of a series of 5.25’’ bays that are not only limited to 5.25’’ devices. When all the covers are removed a single large open space is visible allowing the following Items to be mounted anywhere up or down within the Flex-Bay area:

  • Optical drives
  • Fan controllers
  • 120mm Fans
  • Bay reservoirs
  • 3.5’’ bay devices
  • Radiators
  • Bay reservoir/pump combos
  • HDDs and SSDs



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